With rGrade, K-12 teachers can:

  • Design subject-area learning goals and common assessments
  • Build and share standards-aligned rubrics
  • Assess student learning with interactive rubrics
  • Organize learning evidence for student-level and subject-area reporting
  • Assess digital portfolios

Our consultants help schools with:

  • Systems planning, evaluation, design, and implementation
  • Strategies for implementing curriculum maps with classroom assessments
  • Teacher training on assessment and technology
  • Integration of interactive technologies for teaching and learning
  • Content management systems for teachers and students
  • Grant writing

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RPM is our digital portfolio solution that allows learners to create and share web-based multimedia portfolios. RPM uses cloud-hosted methods to allow schools to use desktop computers or tablet computer (e.g. iPads and iPod Touches) to construct portfolios in any learning context. RPM can be used with the rGrade Assessment System to provide a comprehensive assessment solution for your school.

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