With rGrade, K-12 teachers can:

  • Design subject-area learning goals and common assessments
  • Build and share standards-aligned rubrics
  • Assess student learning with interactive rubrics
  • Organize learning evidence for student-level and subject-area reporting
  • Assess digital portfolios

Exclusively distributed and custom integrated by:

Assessment Management System

rGrade is Educational Informatics' comprehensive assessment management system. rGrade supports a broad range of reform initiatives in K-12 and higher education:

- Rubric development and alignment to standards and benchmarks
- Digital portfolio assessment
- Standards alignment to curriculum and student performance
- Everyday course grading and assessment
- Curriculum mapping and progress point modeling
- NCATE Unit Assessment Systems
- RISE Professional Evaluation

rGrade helps institutions solve the very complex and data-intensive performance assessment challenges in ways that individual faculty find powerful to their instructional goals.

rGrade is highly configurable and EI can further customize it for onsite deployment with your team of IT staff and educators.