Our consultants help schools with:

  • Systems planning, evaluation, design, and implementation
  • Strategies for implementing curriculum maps with classroom assessments
  • Teacher training on assessment and technology
  • Integration of interactive technologies for teaching and learning
  • Content management systems for teachers and students
  • Grant writing

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Your Strategic Partner for Learning and Assessment

We connect the potentials of emerging technologies with the needs of your curriculum, your teachers, and your students. We are a company of technologists, educators, and researchers that help schools evaluate needs, identify capacities, write grants, and implement solutions that advance strategic goals with technology and learning. With our rGrade™ Assessment Management System and other technologies, we can design systemic solutions that connect professional development with outcomes of student learning.

We implement learning technologies, provide consulting, and conduct professional development in areas of critical importance to today’s schools:

Assessment of and for Learning, Featuring rGrade™

  • Using assessment data to inform instruction (teacher data dashboards)
  • Tracking and improving student learning
  • Rubric design
  • Assessment audits
  • Assessment of and for Learning (Stiggins, et al.)
  • Digital Portfolios
  • Learning Response Systems (clickers and app-based)

Technology Integration (Curriculum, Content, and Training)

  • Interactive classroom technologies
  • Digital media design and production
  • Media studios in schools
  • 1:1 initiatives (tablet pedagogies)
  • Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

Online Learning

  • Evaluating and implementing online learning programs
  • Internet safety training
  • Content Management Systems, featuring Wordpress

Grant Writing and Other Consulting

  • Grant writing services (including partnerships with vendors and universities)
  • Grant writing workshops (for teachers and for administrators)
  • Technology evaluation and needs assessment
  • Specialized Experience: Low-income families and rural schools