Series and Themes:

Classroom Assessment Series:
- Rubric Design and Assessment
- Student Learning Outcomes
- Performance Assessment
- Data Dashboards
- Planning Instruction from Data
- Digital Portfolios for Teachers

Assessment Leadership Series:
- Assessment Planning and Alignment
- Teaching Evaluation
- Digital Portfolios for Programs
- Enaging Faculty in Data Dashboards

Digital Education Series:
- iPads in the Classroom
- Using Google Docs in the Classroom
- Blogs and Wikis in the Classroom

PD Partner:


The Center for Interactive Learning and Collaboration (CILC) in Indianapolis is one of our professional development partners for K-12 teaching and learning. Many of these programs are availabel in CILC Spotlight Sessions and the CILC PD MarketPlace. Contact us to learn more these webinars and our onsite professional develeopment.

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We offer professional development to support teachers and schools, regardless of whether our software platforms are used. Below is a sample of our professional development offerings in the areas of assessment, portfolios, and technology integration. Most of our workshops can be applied to any technology, but some workshops will be taught via our technologies even if the skills can be applied to other technologies.

Rubric Assessment Series

Topic: Rubrics 1: The Basics of Performance Assessment Rubrics
Summary: Teachers will learn the basics of creating effective rubrics for student assessment. Topics will include designing performance tasks, learning targets, and the development of discrete and measurable criteria for assessment.

Topic: Rubrics 2: Utilizing Technologies for Rubric Design and Classroom Assessment
Summary: Building on the first rubric workshop n (or prior experience with rubric design), this workshop will teach educators how to use the utilize the rGrade assessment system for turning rubrics into powerful data collection devices. In addition, teachers will learn how to implement other technologies that work with rGrade--such as iPads, iPods, and laptops--to seamlessly integrate rubric based assessment into their everyday instruction.

Teachers’ Assessment Literacy Series

Topic: Creating Effective Assessments
Summary: This workshop will focus on helping educators create assessments that gather data to appropriately inform instructional practices. A variety of assessment types (i.e. formative, summative, formal, informal, etc.) will be discussed. Educators will get an opportunity to create their own assessments using rGrade.

Topic: Student Learning Outcomes/Objectives
Summary. In this workshop, teachers will learn how to develop effective student learning objectives for RISE and other assessment frameworks. Those objectives will be modeled in the rGrade data dashboard to facilitate alignment to common core and other standards as an evidence-collection method that teachers might use in their classrooms.

Topic: Creating a Teacher’s Data Dashboard
Summary: There are so many different types of assessments in education these days, yet no one place they can all be viewed and analyzed. Learn how to use the rGrade software to collect, store and analyze individual student and classroom level data. By creating a “Data Dashboard” teachers will be able to more easily capture how a student is performing across multiple assessments and curricular areas. Lower performing students or those going through the RTI process will particularly benefit from this process.

Topic: I have the data…now what? Effective Planning after Assessment
Summary: The persistent questions of “Now what?” after assessment will be addressed during this workshop. Educators will be given tools to aid in the use of data to guide teaching and learning decisions. Topics include effective grouping and lesson planning based on different types of data.

Topic: Using rGrade for Teacher Evaluation (RISE)
Summary: This workshop is tailored for the specific needs of school administrators! Discover the “one stop shop” for teacher evaluation data collection with the rGrade software. Just as rGrade works to collect student level data, it also works to collect teacher evaluation data. Administrators will learn how to use rGrade to store district and state teacher evaluations, including the new RISE evaluation, in one place for effective examination and reporting.

Digital Portfolio Series

Topic: Digital Portfolios I: Construction with the RPM System
Summary: Educators will learn how to use online technologies to create digital portfolios. Digital portfolios can be used for the collection of individual student, grade level or program work samples. This is a perfect tool for schools implementing an inquiry based curriculum or International Baccalaureate.

Topic: Digital Portfolios 2: Assessment and Exemplars
Summary: Building on the previous digital portfolio workshop, educators will learn how to create rubric based assessments and utilize digital portfolios in order to collect learning artifacts. Teachers will learn how to use the rGrade software to collect valuable data!

General Technology Integration:

Topic: Blogging using Word Press
Summary: Educators will learn how to use Word Press to create a classroom blog for the sharing of information with students, parents, and other educators.

Topic: Teaching Technologies
Summary: This workshop is specifically designed for the needs of your school or district! Let us know area of technology you need help with and we’ll tailor a training to your needs. Possible training topics include, but are not limited to: clickers, interactive whiteboards, iPads/tablets, etc.

Topic: Making Technology a Habit: Utilizing Technology on a Daily Basis in the Classroom
Summary: With so many requirements it seems like it would be impossible to use technology every day in the classroom…but it’s not! Attend this workshop to learn how to incorporate technology across the curriculum and discover easy ways to use simple technologies in daily instruction.